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Beginning with sealing system design assistance, we can analyze your specific project and offer material selection or troubleshooting advice for your demanding application.

Material recommendations require expert knowledge of numerous polymers, their physical properties, chemical resistances and more. Hercules will provide you options to choose from, and we'll always recommend the best material for your particular application. Simply put, we'll engineer your project to perfection.

Hercules Engineering is happy to offer the following:

Sealing System Design – Design assistance is vital service offered by Hercules Sealing Products. Our customer base is large and encompasses a vast variety of industries, including but not limited to construction, mining, refuse, agriculture, logging, material handling and industrial plant applications. With such an extensive range of applications, the Hercules engineering staff is capable of utilizing best practice engineering solutions that are developed from multiple industries.

The first step with any design assistance project is a thorough review of all drawings and models. Most design assistance requests can be solved with a simple review and application of basic seal design parameters. For more complex problems, Hercules can suggest design or material modifications to overcome any technical issues. Our suggested design changes could be for the seal itself or for the configuration of the mating components. To start the design assistance process, please call Hercules at 800-777-5617 or email our sales staff at sales@herculesus.com

Seal Failure Analysis – When trying to determine the cause of a seal failure, it is imperative that all aspects of the situation be investigated. Often, a seal failure points to another part of the hydraulic system that has failed or been compromised in some way. To help you determine where the potential cause of a failure lies, we have developed a seal failure check list. By filling in the necessary information, you should be able to determine the cause of a failure and decide what measures to take to assure future trouble-free operations. Once completed, send to our engineering experts at engineering_group@herculesus.com or fax to 800-759-6391. (Seal Failure Analysis form in PDF format will be placed below this article).

Material Selection and Testing - Did you know that there are more than 8 different types of materials available for the Wear Ring product line alone? Each of type has a unique set of physical and chemical properties to accommodate various temperature and pressure ranges. The Hercules' engineering experts know the differences in these material types and can assist you in selecting the correct one based on the specifics of your application. Our material expertise is not limited to just the basics. We can recommend whichever type of elastomer that your application requires.

Other than chemical resistance and environmental considerations, material cost is of paramount importance. When selecting the correct material for an application, cost is always considered for the final recommendation. Hercules will always recommend the best, most cost-effective material to fit the application if multiple appropriate choices exist.

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