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**Hercules Corporate Headquarters has Moved, click for more info...**
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Shopping Cart and Checkout

Introducing new features and layout to the Hercules shopping cart and checkout
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My Account Features

My Account has all new features, that have been requested by our customers:
  • Administrator Manager
  • The Administrator Manager allows one administrator to manage who can order on the webstore on behalf of the company. Finally you can see who is registered under your Customer ID.
  • Order History with Quick Re-order feature
  • Re-ordering can be accomplished with a simple click on a link now.
  • My Saved address manager
  • My Dashboard
  • Edit My Profile
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Larger Main Search

Bigger and with more search capability
The main search is now much bigger, which allows us to add more data to the screen. You can now search:
  • Hercules Products
  • OEM and Competitor Parts
  • Manufacturers and Categories
  • Web pages and downloads

The enhanced search is faster with less lag.
You can also search by serial number or model number if you hit the search button
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Short Cut Mini Quick Order

The most popular feature has been enhanced!
The short cut Mini Quick Order was designed to follow you throughout the webstore.
The mini cart is designed to allow a small number of parts added to the quick order and then quickly submit them to the shopping cart.
The new features include:
  • In-stock Availability
  • Substitutes
  • Shows how many parts available
  • Allows for copy and paste
  • OEM and competitor parts
  • Quick add to cart
  • Quick reset button
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Multiple PO Ordering

The largest expansion of the webstore is ability to place multiple orders all in one session:
  • Add a PO to each part
  • PO numbers for each part can be different
  • New MyList save feature will split up PO orders into MyList
  • MyList can import multiple PO's
  • Excel import can now import with PO's entered in file
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Save To My List Multi PO

We have gone the extra step to ease the management of multiple po entries:
  • The webstore recognizes multi po's in shopping cart
  • The save to MyList allows easy save for multi PO's
  • The MyList records each list with PO number
  • This makes re-adding to cart a snap
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Excel Upload with Multi PO Option

The Excel upload is by far the easiest way to add a large number of parts to the webstore:
  • You can use the excel upload without PO's
  • Now you can add a po to each line to activate the Multi PO feature
  • Bad parts are removed and minimum amounts are updated to keep your shopping cart correct
  • All files saved from excel must be saved as CSV format
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Multiple My List to Checkout Ordering

The MyList feature is benefited greatly with the inclusion of the multi PO capability:
  • Save time by adding more than one list into your cart
  • No need to checkout one order at a time
  • You can add 3 or 4 lists all with different PO's and the webstore will split them up for you and allow you to ship them to different addresses
  • You can now add multi PO's by using excel upload, then save the lists from the shopping cart and later add them all back to shopping cart for checkout
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Administrator For Customer Control

You can finally have an administrator for the webstore:
  • This feature allows the administrator to view all registered users
  • No one will be able to secretly register and use the customer id of this user without the administrator knowing
  • The administrator can control who is allowed to place an order
  • We will have future enhancements allowing you to delete users, limit how much one can order, etc..
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Checkout Page For Multi PO Ordering

The new checkout page is completely edited:
  • You will notice it is now the fastest page on the site instead of the slowest
  • Selecting addresses, shipping options and saving addresses is easier than ever
  • The new checkout page will also split up your PO orders
  • You can now choose different shipping for each order: different shipping options and different ship to locations
  • All totals are itemized and a final figure is also shown on bottom of page
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Availability Shown On All Search Pages

Availability is dynamic for the first time:
  • See if your part is in stock as you change your quantity
  • Every search page now has this feature
  • No more time wasted

Responsive Design Desktop, Mobile and Tablet

No matter the device the new webstore will work fully:
  • For the first time all features are available on all devices
  • Pull up the seals by size on your phone
  • Design your own seals right on your tablet
  • Search has auto suggest on Mobile devices
  • See how fast our webstore adds parts to cart on your mobile device

Custom Seals Configurator Returns

Seals On Demand
Check dozens of seal sizes and materials in minutes.
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Custom Seals Saved Quote

Seals On Demand Saving Your quote
Once you have received a price quote it can be saved to your saved quotes. Once it has been named, a quote can be ordered at any time. Users will also have an opportunity to request a drawing of the custom seal.
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Kits by Model

Kits By Model
Find your kit by using our search by model feature. Simply, choose your Manufacturer, Application, and Model from the drop downs and the webstore will return all the kits available for your choice.
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